Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Top Ten Tuesdays: What commemorative inaugural merchandise are we purchasing?

Special extra collectable edition!

12) Yes, We Can! home canning kit.

11) Starbucks Kenyan Roast/Cafe Americano blend (comes with genuine certificate of origin).

10) 24k Gold Compromise Necklace (note: clasp is very fragile and may break under the slightest pressure)

9) Red, white, and blue Deficit Shovel (with free Bailout Bucket).

8) Franklin Mint Obama Administration vs. Bush Administration pewter chess set.

7) Danger Mouse remix of Barack Obama reciting The Gettysburg Address over Jay-Z’s Black Album.

6) Inauguration key chain with laser pointer (warning: do not point during inauguration).

5) Keepsake vial with drop of Oprah’s inauguration swoon sweat (includes free trial size of O: The Cotton Swab).

4) Box of Ol’ Conservative Sour Balls (available at Fox News media tent).

3) Hillary Clinton Inauguration Ball Glass Slippers (made from genuine shards of glass ceilings).

2) Joe Biden Dental Dam.

1) Hope-on-a-Rope


Churlita said...

Every single one of these was awesome.

20.) Obamapalooza backstage pass autographed by Bono and The Boss.

Brando said...

Thanks, C. I have to admit I was laughing as I came up with these.

Mendacious D said...

13) A deck of indicted Republicans playing cards.

fish said...

These are awesome.

12A) Hope for change pan-handling kit.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Joe Biden dental dam?

I suddenly never want anyone downtown again.


And word verifcation: tatality! Love it.

Brando said...

Sorry, AG, I wasn't trying to put a damper on anyone's play time.

Kathleen said...

classic. possibly your best yet.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Thanks for the concern, B-dawg.

I got your back on this, unlike how you won't share Tickle's doctor boy toy's #s!!!!!

Brando said...

AG, I have told you, they are taken and Gentiles. Although Trapper is hairy enough to pass as one of the chosen people.

mikeinportc said...

The latest dvd from Pixar, Groundhog Day 2009 , starring John Roberts & The O-man.

Snag said...

Jesus, you're a funny dude.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

In AG's world: nothing is fully taken until it's hers!

AG taps foot, looks at watch and utters: "Um, it's Friday."