Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: How did we spend our summer vacations?

10) Learning how to play “Georgia on My Mind” with bursts of AK-47 fire.

9) Sucking exhaust pipes to prepare lungs for Olympic competition.

8) Putting fresh onions on Senator McCain’s belt.

7) Pulling out apology about not pulling out.

6) Continuing to dig a deeper political hole until we’re running for president of China.

5) Feeding family by draining ethanol out of neighbor’s gas tank.

4) Discussing plans to become male strippers while standing in the unemployment line.

3) Watching our political career go down a series of tubes.

2) Enjoying the nice weather from inside, where it’s safe.

1) Reminding the entire world why you should never, ever, ever, elect your beer buddy as President.


Noelle said...

Waiting patiently for Brando to post again so we can have a good laugh.

Brando said...

Ha, thanks. I know I have been negligent of my blog. These goddamned kids take up so much time. I thought they would be more like wolves and raise themselves.

I am trying to find a new regular writing schedule, which I hope to figure out this week. That should help.

Snag said...

The good thing about being a dad is that if you ignore the kid long enough mom will come to the rescue. Simple biology.

Adorable Girlfriend said...


mikeinportc said...

Nothing , as Wonkette & Co stole my weekly allotment of snark . :)

mikeinportc said...

Kids? What kids? ;)

Churlita said...

Well, and you were on vacation for a bit too. That was my excuse for not posting for almost two weeks.

rotten mcdonald said...

Call off the search parties!!

Churlita showed up!

rotten mcdonald said...




blue girl said...

I agree with Rotten above. Heh is right!

I don't even have a newborn and I haven't posted all week either. But, I'm dealing with the Client From Hell, so I have an excuse.

Brando, that last link was excellent. Embarrassing for our country -- and the entire world -- but, excellent all the same.

Kathleen said...

11a) This is America not Europe, dude! We don't take vacations anymore!

rotten mcdonald said...

BG, Satan must be cloning those CFHs.

Otherwise, we have the same client list.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Client from hell? We have the same client, BG?!!

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