Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: How is gay marriage changing our lives?

10) Wild nights of dancing at the club now spent falling asleep with spouse during The L Word.

9) The “ol’ ball and chain” refers to spouse instead of sex toy.

8) Trading in Miatas and Outbacks for minivans.

7) Lack of public displays of affection are out of laziness instead of fear.

6) Opens up a whole new realm of clichés for gay observational comics.

5) Parent-teacher conferences will become 100% more fabulous.

4) Lesbian wife can carry us over the threshold of the house she built herself.

3) Spouse no longer has to pretend to be a woman when Gene Hackman comes over for dinner.

2) Will hold hands while filling out complicated joint tax returns.

1) Homophobic mouthbreathers are legally required to suck it.


Noelle said...

Now that I can marry literally any human being in the country (barring the currently married and the underage) it's about 50% more pathetic that I'm still single at age 30.

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Tupperware parties will take on a whole new meaning.

BOSSY said...

This list is too fabulous and Bossy can't even add her own.

fish said...

Homophobic mouthbreathers are legally required to suck it.

Which, by definition, means they will suffocate.

Pinko Punko said...

I'm here for the shower. Break out the Cheetos!

Anonymous said...

seeing that i got into wednesday while the celtics were eating the crap out of the lakers, i too am here for cheetos and other delicious (and disgusting?) food that may be on offer :)

Anonymous said...

eating? beating?

yet another in a long line of spelling errors cortesy of SEEDY NET CAFE@@!@

Brando said...

Did you boys sleep outside the door overnight?

Show post coming soon. Virtual Cheeto knoshing will then commence.