Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why are we stepping down from power?

10) Platform dropped on the gallows.

9) Plan to pursue dream of being first dictator to win American Idol.

8) Always promised to resign when political killings became more work than fun.

7) Mistakenly thought citizens really loved us or instead of re-electing us in droves because we had them strung up by their purple fingers.

6) Something about not really listening to the will of the people.

5) Stupid hobbits destroyed our ring.

4) Cult of personality was found to be inflated by human growth hormone.

3) Couldn’t convince voting public that we were simply looking for a contact we had dropped into intern’s pants.

2) Lousy, meddling, Constitutionally mandated term limits (forthcoming).

1) Steely resolve of George W. Bush convinced us to step aside to let democracy blossom...just kidding, we’re taking the national treasury to Vegas.


Snag said...

11) Taking a job with better health insurance.

Anonymous said...

12) Chance of getting BTFU* is directly proportional to length of time spent in office

(*Blown The F*** Up)

fish said...

C) Died last year.

Kathleen said...

12) attempting to rule via psychohistory ended up dramatic failure.

Anonymous said...

17) Not enough chocolate brownie skittles to appease angry mob surrounding the palace

19a) Was named in the Mitchell Report

( Rather leave the country than have to sit there and stare at Henry Waxman all day)

39) Soon-to-be ex-wife hired law firm of Bush,Bush,Harris,Scalia,Cheney & Partners

56b) Vulcan Mind-Meld didn't work . The result? - Pauliacs . Must leave before my evil powers become too hard to control.

Jennifer said...

C) Died last year.

When has that ever stopped anyone?

Kathleen said...

13) what happened in Vegas didn't stay in Vegas.

Jennifer said...

73-87)Kept reaching for that dangling sausage.