Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Top Ten Tuesdays: Why have we been neglecting our blogs?

Special extra overtime edition!

11) Been working like a dog, sniffing luggage and chasing mechanical rabbits.

10) Had to find out where the kids disappeared to.

9) World Cup fever merged with NBA Finals mania and led to couch potato pneumonia.

8) At this point, we’ve chronicled pretty much everything we’re going to see from Mom’s basement.

7) These two Swedish foreign exchange students said they needed help with their anatomy homework and we spent all week...okay, okay, we sprained our wrists using the Internet. Happy now?

6) Help! we’ve ROTFLOL and can’t get up!

5) VH1’s history of drugs made us a little nostalgic for an old fashioned 80s style weekend and yadda yadda yadda couldn’t get onto Blogger from the correctional facility computer.

4) We decided to escape the virtual shackles chaining us to the Internet, stand on our two feet, and explore the real world around us! As we sprang from our desks, we tripped over the phone cord and broke our DSL modem.

3) Can’t stop scratching.

2) Thought The Rapture had arrived, but it was just a very convincing street theater rendition of Jesus Christ, Superstar.

1) All we can say is we have no idea how the mouse got up there or why we didn’t notice sooner.


Yosef said...

Brando, I love your top ten Tuesdays, but I would have done this one a bit differently, personally. If you'll permit me:

Post Title: "Top Ten Tuesdays: Why have we been neglecting our blogs?"

Body Text:


Brando said...

Nice one, Yosef. I may steal that!

Adorable Girlfriend said...

Yo Yo is on fire today! He's struting his stuff.

almostinfamous said...

slave driving parents is my reason